Delete unused glide tables...not unlink

Looks like this has been brought up…is there a solution yet or just in testing?

Trying to eliminate unused tables in glide. They typically can’t be seen unless you select “add” and then select the link to Glide Table. Then a list of every table ever used or created is established.

I want to delete some of those.

How do I do that?


+1 for this. I think this has been in staging for a long time.


Sort of kind of related I’d like the ability to delete unused webhooks. :sunglasses:


And re-name webhooks. In fact, Gide needs a Settings->Manage Webhooks section. It should be possible to manage webhooks independently of any actions.


Thanks. Not a huge deal yet but seems like a good function to have.


By principle, I always start by wondering how to undo sth or delete, backup, migrate to sth else.
I remember having to find myself how to delete every instance and anything (clean files parsed everywhere in the OS) related to an (Oracle) Hyperion Essbase (former name) cube, when the official “courseware” (laconic slides as a matter of fact) says nothing about it. In an official system admin course…
To include it myself to teach students. Otherwise I feel really bad and “naïve”.