Cannot 'see' columns for Split, Join Text, or in Visibility

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Bug - or something weirdly broken.

Problem - in my User sheet I have a rel column (Member is in which networks). This has to be a multi-value match as they could be in several networks.
---- Mark is a member of the network A and Q
I then have Cards which can be restricted to specific networks (up to 3) - this card is visible to members of A and B
The Card has a Rel to the networks
The User has a Rel to the Networks
I want to control the visibility in the inline list of Cards so that the User only sees cards they are allowed to see. (Mark is looking and so should see the card as he is in A, but Jenny cannot as she is in B and D)

BUT I cannot ‘see’ the columns I need to reference in the Visibility area… and even in the table I cannot do joined Lists, Split lists, etc because the columns I need (and can see) cannot be selected.

Bug or am I doing something wrong (and there is a cunning workaround). And otherwise argh!!! Thanks

And yet the same method works fine in another part of my app:


Hi Mark, it seems from your video what you need is a Join Text column, not a Split Text.

The relations only returns the “rows”, let’s say they open doors for you to access data from other Sheets, not the exact column you’re looking at in the Editor.

The Split text column splits an existing text column by a delimiter.

What you want to have is a Join Text column on top of your relation, and return the “Network” value, let’s say delimited by a comma, then you can set your conditions accordingly.

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