Split Text column

In case you missed it - the new Split Text column splits up text into separate values. This is particularly useful for Relations.

Read more in our docs.


Thanks @JackVaughan. It’s very helpful just like your videos.

Suggestion for Glide Team - Is it possible to pin official announcements for 1-2 days? It helps us prioritize reading posts in the community (feature request 1)

Problem - Old Announcement threads become active with “NEW’ emoji in subject causing confusion. It’s painful to have to track real Glide updates on community and Twitter. Ideally, paying users should get a weekly email digest (feature request 2 :grinning:).

If I am unaware of the best way to track only new updates, please share.

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Sure, I appreciate that. For a clearer list, I’d recommend using: https://www.glideapps.com/product/updates.

We’ll have a think about the pinning. I think we want to use that sparingly - rather than all the time.

I might drop the New emoji - that’s a good point.



Great page! Didn’t know it existed :slight_smile:

One note: https://www.glideapps.com/product/updates/glide-tables check the 2 buttons below. They both go to a URL “https://www.glideapps.com/product/updates/Not%20supported

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Yes - i noticed this yesterday right after I posted this. Thanks - we’re on it.

@Naos_Wilbrink Very nice page. You @JackVaughan should market that a lot :+1:

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Yes, only started recently. We will make it more prominent at some point soon.

Is there a way to use the Split Text Column as values for Choice component?

Seems like a no for now, it has always been that way for array values.

I think it would be very handy - maybe those in charge evaluate this.

Oddly, when I try to make a relation from a split column, even when I checked “multiple” I only have one item returned then a lot of “-” items which … I don’t know where they came from :frowning:

Another cool feature for the split column would be able to use them to have a list in a view without having to create a relation necessarily. Just display beautifully a list of elements, one by one.

The display of relationship columns changed this week.
I recommend that you test your relationship in the app or with other Lookup columns.

Need a relation to try a lookup, and I can’t create a proposer relation based on the split text column so :frowning:

I knew I had already made the solution.
The trick is to split your Joint column and then make a relation with the Split column.
It works, I did a test on one of my applications.

Well, he doesn’t right now, that’s my point:

Split column:
The relation that doesn’t work properly (notice the - everywhere):
The Avail_Days column:

It’s curious, I did the test with email

and i also did a test with dates and it works too.

This is probably linked to the date format. or there is the time which does not correspond.

ok but see, you have a lot of - too …

when working with related dates, glide uses the full date & time format.
well that’s my observation.
As in my example, in the date column the format is dd / mm / yyyy and therefore relation is the full format.