Template column including spilt text column

Hello fellow gliders

I’d like to make relations between different tables but one of the columns has to contain values constructed via a template column, here is where Im finding it difficult - In the table in which I submit values via a choice column that alllows multiple selection. The values are then separated using the comma and a spit text value. Now each of these values must be joined to another choice using a template column so as to perfom relavant calculation that wouls follow.

for example

Split column text contains:

  • Biology
  • Geography
  • English
  • Music

all separated by columns. then second column choice is simply a period:

  • 1st Term

So I hope to have the following result in the template column

  • 1st Term - Biology
  • 1st Term - Geography
  • 1st Term - English
  • 1st Term - Music

If not a template column, perhaps another method that acheives the same goal.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried using a Query column instead of a Relation? Then there shouldn’t be a need to create a template column because a Query can look at multiple criteria.

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Can you try Jeff’s suggestion with something like: Term is this row > Term and Subject is included in this row > Comma-delimited list of subjects?


Thank you

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Ok, thank you, trying to figure it out

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