Can I use "relation" to the multiple values from user choice?

Hello everyone,

:arrow_forward:What I want to do
I want to make relations to each values set inside one cell.

In the form with “choice” component, we can let user select multiple values from one component. The values created here are going to be set inside one cell with “comma” .

For example,
Question: What fruits do you like?
Answer: Apple, Grape, Lemon

Then, I want to make relations to each value, and I want to show the user the data about apple, grape, lemon in the other page.

Is this possible to create relations to each value inside the one cell with comma?

This is the first time to write my question on this community. If my writing is not clear or my explanation is not enough, please tell me. Thank you for all your support.

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Yes, you can do that. With your comma delimited list in a single cell, you can then create a Split Text column, which will split that list into an array. Then you can use that Split Text column with a Relation column.


Thank you so much!!

I did not know the split function, and I could do that with it.

Thank you!!

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