Multiple Selection...what am I doing wrong?

I feel sort of dense here, but I can’t figure out how to display the results of a multiple selection choice component. It’s possible I may be misapplying the choice component or misunderstanding its function.

Each user can use the Choice Component to select as many of the items in the main sheet (Hammer, Wrench, Screwdriver, etc.) and save them to a column that is user specific, in a sheet called “user select” That all works fine; the user’s selections show up as comma separated values.

Now, I want to display the user’s selections from the main sheet in a list and include other fields from that row:

  • Wrench - Acme - $5
  • Hammer - Smithfield - $12

Instead, I can only seem to display it as a series of comma separate values: Wrench, Hammer, Screwdriver

What additional steps are needed? I know I’m missing something kinda basic here…

Create a Split Text column that will convert those comma separated values into an array. Then create a multiple Relation column that links that Spit Text array to the table that you used for your choice component. Now you can add an inline list on your screen that uses the relation as it’s source.


Makes sense. Let me give that a try.


That was the missing ingredient. Very helpful. Thanks


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