Choice Component using split list or array

Is there a way to use values from a split list\array as the source of a choice component?
I currently don’t have the option to choose it.
To be more specific this is not a multiple relation.
This is generated from split text.
all the data is stored in one row, not in a column.

Choices need to come from multiple rows. You can’t build them based on a single row.

I see,
Any ideas how It can be done ?
I need to be able to choose values from split text

Are the values consistent? Meaning, are there a set list of possible choices, or can they be completely random?

What I’m getting at, is that you could have a separate table that contains all of the possible choices for everything (one per row). Then you could use your split array to create a relation to the choice table, and point your choice component to that relation.

Something like this may help:


That would have been my next suggestion if the possible choices are random. :wink:

No, they are random

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Yeah, then @Robert_Petitto’s method could be your best option. I think a separate table with the max number of rows (choices) you would possibly have, then pass in you delimited list through an action and have the table transpose everything to separate rows. Using a user specific column to receive the delimited list of course.

Prefect, it really worked like magic.
I love it! Thanks


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