Filtering in-line list dynamically with choice component

I’m creating a conference application. The client wants a page on the app where the attendees can see the round tables/breakout sessions that will be happening in-between main sessions. The problem I’m running into is they want to filter by day (2-day conference), time(2 breakout times per day), and topic. I got the day and time down but each breakout has at least 1 topic but many have 2 (ie finances, leadership). I have a topic column where I write the topic(s) and then another column where I split the topics via the comma but when I go to create a choice component for the filtering, I can’t use the split topics as the values. Is there a way to get around this?

With my current setup, I can filter by topic (finance, leadership) but I want to be able to filter by finance by itself and leadership by itself for example and have the list update accordingly.

To add topics to a choice component, you’ll need to create a multiple relation from the split column to a list of topics in some other column. You can then use the relation as the source for a choice component

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The problem I’m having is the “values” part of the choice component. It’s still not allowing me to choose individual topics(finance) - only the joined version (finance,leadership).

Looks like you haven’t set it up as Bob described.
Can you provide screen shots that show how you’ve configured the relevant columns, as well as the choice component?

Yes, give me a few minutes. To clarify - I have gotten the relation to be the source but the values still are not able to be split. The values are the names of the breakout sessions, not the individual split topics.

Choice component

Filter table (this is where the day, time, and topic filters write to)

Multiple Relation

Round Tables data table (hosts the topics, topic split). I tried the multiple relation on this data sheet also but it was not showing up as a source on the choice component.

I think I might have it - moving the functionality of the filter table into the round table table. I’ll keep you updated.

Just looking at your screen shots, I think you have the multiple relation in the wrong table.
It should be in your Round Tables, matching the Topic Split column with the List of Topics in your Filter Table.

I think we’re closer. I have changed some of it up and here’s the issue now. The choice component is only displaying the first row. Here’s the new Round Table

Choice settings

Filter table

Okay, so the reason you only get the first row is easy to explain. That’s because your screen is attached to the first row.

However, now that I’ve seen that last screen shot I’ve realised that we’ve got down a rabbit hole that we didn’t need to, and made this way more complicated than it needs to be.

So, time to roll things back a bit.

Assuming that you want that choice component to contain a list of all topics, and then filter by the selected topic, here is what you can do:

  • Use the Filter Table as the source of your Choice Component (ie. no need to bother with the relation)
  • I’m guessing that the Filter Table is also the source of your screen, because I see that user specific Topic column in there, which I assume the choice component writes to
  • Given that the above is correct, add a Single Value column to your Round Tables data table, that takes the value of the filter and applies it to all rows.
  • Now, reconfigure that Topic Multiple Relation so that it matches the Topic Split column with the Single Value column
  • Lastly, and if-then-else column:
    – If Single Value is empty, then true
    – If Topic Multiple Relation is not empty, then true
  • And now finally that if-then-else column can be used to filter your list (where if-then-else is checked)
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