Choice items from split text items on a form

Hi, On a Form, I am trying to find a solution to populate items in a choice component from the split text items.
See the image below,


I really don’t know what to do…
Any help?

You have to convert it to rows.

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Yes, I know, but that is insid a form, so i don’t know how to do this…

Convert your split text into a list…
Are you saying that you are creating split text inside the form???

No, sorry
I try to select the good Appelation by selecting the country and the region.
that is why I cannot make a list directly on the database…

I have seen the miracle méthode of Robert_Petitto and that’s definitely not the good way because of the using of a form.

If someone have an other solution to try :sweat_smile:

At the moment you can not use a split text result as a list of choices. I think the most straightforward way you can go is have a Choices table and list all choices there in a fixed state, then filter it accordingly in your form. You do have a lot of choices in there though, so consider your row quota.

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