How to turn a csv list into choice component options?

Is there a way to turn a comma separated list of items into a set of choices for the choice component (the chips/tags)
Typically your choices would be in separate rows within a column, my choices are in a single cell in csv format.

Yes you could do that with a helper table.

  • create New table

  • Add an Index Column where you hard code the values E.g 0,1,2,3,4,5

  • Add a Single Value Column and target your comma separated list of choices

  • Add a Split Text Column and target your new Single Value.

  • Add another Single Value Column and target your Split Text Column where the From Start → Row is your Index Column

Just remember to start your Index Column with 0. Because the first position in an array is actually 0.


Thanks for that, i’ll try this now👍

Sounds good :+1:

Actually reading a little closer what you wana do is in your helper table use a single value column to grab your comma separated list and then use a split text column which targets the single value. I updated the original post.


Works great, thanks for that.

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