Use comma-separated values as source for Choice?

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I am adding a voting component to my app. I have a page to create a vote ‘motion’. I have a default vote choices of “In Favour” / “Against” / “Abstain”. but the admin can also create a set of choices, like “Red” / “Green” / “None” with no theoretical limit on # of choices.

I thought of having 5 columns for up to 5 vote choices, but that seemed clumsy and didn’t resolve my problem anyway (see below). I have a toggle to use the standard vote options:



My problem is, how do I use that comma-separated list as the source for my Vote buttons?

I can’t seem to use either a plain comma-separated text field as all the values appear as one button. Nor can I select an array to use as the source. The Choice component only seems to want table rows from a single column:

I guess I could do some gymnastics to create unique Action buttons for each option, but that also seems kludgey.

Any suggestions?


You need to use the miracle method to transpose the list.

Thanks, Darren.

Hmm, the video’s interesting but I’m not sure how to apply in my case. I don’t have the list of items in rows anywhere. They’re only ever in one text field. I’d rather not make a column somewhere to track the list of options for every poll / motion we want to vote on, right?

The goal is to have a set of Choice options from that single text input. Here’s how it shouldn’t look:

Please confirm.

The miracle method allows you to transpose a CSV to rows using a helper table. I think I’ll recreate this video to showcase the method in a more straightforward manner.

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Here’s a rough draft of the video I plan on reshooting this week:


The idea is to dynamically generate the list by first creating an array from the list, then using a Helper Table with a row index, and finally a Single Value column to select each item from the array on a separate row. Bob’s original video maybe doesn’t explain this as clearly as it could - it was made a long time ago.

You don’t have to. It can all be dynamic.

I had this problem for one of my apps - and the simplest way to fix:

  • you have the options that people are saving in a column, let;'s call it usc-mychoice

  • you have some lookup table to display your choices - some of which might have commas

  • you then have a choice component where the user can select multiple options, with the value going into usc-mychoice

  • for the users choice, I have a column that displays the items as written (e.g. "Projects, initiatives, programs’) and NEXT I have a ‘Replace All’ column that replaces , with /

  • for the user choice, I display the original item, but I store the values wuth the Replace All column values - which does not contain the comma :slight_smile:
    Hope this helps!

Thanks Mark. That could work, except my Choice list is going to vary and the number of polls / votes will grow over time. So I don’t think a fixed column per poll is scalable.

I’m groing to try and use Rob’s updated video - thanks @Robert_Petitto! And thanks @Darren_Murphy for always helping too.

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I have the same problem as you… likely unlimited potential number of pills, etc.

So I use the user table a lot to set values, such as an id to find the row (eg ‘survey id’). Then in the user table I do lookups to find question id things for the questions that might be included.

…. Then I have my helper table that pulls in the user values to get the question or survey ids. Then I pull in the single cell that contains my options s (could be a make array column, template, etc)…

Then the helper table has the first column with index numbers, starting at 0. And I do a single value, taking that single cell with the options, and split into rows using the index number.

And then I have my ‘remove elements’ to solve the comma issue. And I have my layout choice component using the helper table as a source, and storing the non-comma response :slight_smile:)


It works! Thanks folks :slightly_smiling_face:

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