Choice Component Not working

Choice component not allowing multiple selections.
I click on multiple selection and does not work.

Might need more information. Can you show your choice component settings? What exactly isn’t working?

There’s the problem. Multiple choices are delimited by commas. Your choices each have a comma in them. The fact that you have commas in your choices is going to break it because it conflicts with the commas that are used to delimit multiple choices.

I recommend adding a RowID column to your Choices table, or at least some other kind of ID value that corresponds with your locations. Then change your choice component to write the ID or RowID as the Value, but set the Display As to your written out location. This will fix the problem since it will only write the ID values, which won’t have commas, and you can use a relation/lookup to retrieve those written out locations wherever needed in your table.


Thank you. I just took out my “,”. Simple Solution!


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