Issue with choice component

Not sure if this is a bug or me just being stupid, but noticed that in apps when trying to select an item in a choice component which contains in this case a € the row is not selectable if multiple selections is allowed. Strange.

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Not sure why it is not allowing you to select the Euro sign, but my recommendation would be to use RowID (which would act as the Values) and then you would be able to display the choices in the “Display As” tab.

You will later need to make a relation to the items selected, and using a “lookup”, bring the name of the choices.

Hopefully it works.


You added a comma in your choices. A comma is a delimiter to differentiate each selected choice. What’s happening is that it’s probably writing the choice, but because of the comma, it sees it as two separate choices. None of which are in your choice list. It’s the comma that is the problem. Not the Euro symbol.

Unfortunately we can’t change the delimiter. Personally, I’d rather see glide utilize and promote a much safer delimiter, such as a pipe |, but for now we have to work around commas.

With that said, @Juanesngtz has a good suggestion that I would also recommend.


Cheers guys for clearing that up and thanks for the suggestion!

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