Can I Glide (User + Dev) well with a ChromeBook?

Hi all :cherry_blossom:
I’m planning to buy a ChromeBook.
1/to get rid of W10 updates
2/let my future employer provide me with a MacBook Pro for my PM job
3/have less compatibility issues like headphones, microphones, external webcam (mine is very good) that I risk to have PC to Mac and Smartphone (I don’t “Iphone”)
4/everything already in Cloud + visio
5/100 Go additional Google Drive free with a ChromeBook purchase
6/I can do my writer’s job with that
7/I can plug an USB-RJ45 adapter to reach 1 Gb optical fiber internet instead of WiFi only

But, I was wondering if Gliding with it will be OK, both from a Dev and a User/Tester POV.
Anyone already experiencing a ChromeBook (you or around you?)

I am aware that folks have used the Glide Builder with a Chromebook before, and as far as I’m aware it works fine.

Disclaimer: I’ve never tried it myself.

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I just need to beware of the color fidelity: some CB are considered not accurate, which is critical to design UI/UX. And simplifies even more my very short list of choices for Black Friday or Cyber Monday if there’s sth worth it before my PC lets me down without notice.

Just spend the first days with it, it’s wonderful. But a mouse is necessary, otherwise it’s too tricky/dangerous in the builder and with the tables (very easy to misplace components who knows where? as well as columns or even worse delete them). You’d better not laugh too much or sneeze with your fingers on the the touchscreen. And the trackpad does not replace a mouse.

wait for the new Mac Pro… :wink:

I used to feel the same way.
And then about a year ago during lockdown my mouse died and I decided to give the trackpad a serious try. And now… I couldn’t imagine going back to working with a mouse :slightly_smiling_face:

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well, when you cannot edit easily your column or when your ChromeBook hesitates between the scrollbar and a move of a column, and you cannot click on “Done” before it slips from your hands, and you really wonder how you can just rename a component in the builder without deleting it instead: I’d better invest in a new mouse. Time to move on. My PC is still on my desk if need be. But the ChromeBook will be such a relief for my eyes with more recent anti-blue light surface.

I don’t need to buy one: my next boss will provide it for me in all likelihood in my kind of job, as we are not supposed to be “technical”.
My ChromeBook happens to be the 1st 17"3 so, I’m lucky it’s so good and just outpassed all my criteria (screen, battery, not warm at all, wifi speed, USB 3 and C ports, processor, support date until 2029, the max available, 8 Go, silent keyboard, numerical keyboard, DTS sound, and tablet mode as a bonus I didn’t expect at all, but very convenient for visual management with Miro). If I had not found this newest ChromeBook, I may have given up the purchase to months later.

that’s great! once you go, Mac, you will never go back! lol
I switch to Mac Pro 6 years ago, and not a single problem yet… the best laptop ever. I will upgrade to the new one… but absolutely no issues with my old one.
Before I was burning windows laptops and desktops every 2-3 years… plus constant problems with viruses, updating, and rebooting… that was a nightmare… I recently bought an Acer windows laptop, brand new for my office… and is just no way to work on it. what a torture.

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I opted for a ChromeBook as minimal set up as all my Product Manager tools happens to be on cloud. And as I have not a single accessorie of the “e-Suite”, it would be very cluttering (and more compulsory shopping benchmarks to do) to have 2 sets of accessories if nothing were compatible.
W10 updates just get on my nerves: I postponed the next update till… January or even March! Malwarebytes is my best safety guardian. And I dislike Microsoft tools, but will have to learn Notion somehow, just not to be impressed by all the Product People who worship it.

So, how was you bar last saturday? :cocktail::beer::beers::tumbler_glass::wine_glass::lemon::cherries::ice_cube::coffee:

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The bar was excellent with my Irish bodies… so bad you did not show up… :wink:

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Well, I’m the kind of lady who have nothing to do in a bar, except maybe talking & writing, but don’t ask me to drink, I’m incompatible :grin:& never thirsty, even in Australia! Love the sound of glasses that always sound happy to cheer up!
I must have been a camel in another life :camel:with a high survival rate then.

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that’s what we do in the bar… talking and writing… drinking is just to speed up the process of writing.

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oh, what do you write?

That’s the problem, nobody remembers what we wrote the next day… hahahahahah

You men drink too much…
Are there anything worth remembering?

yesss… so much fun! My favorite way of spending time… bar hopping with good friends

I didn’t see this when you posted it, but I will mention that I converted an old Windows laptop to a Chromebook and it works great. Obviously it doesn’t provide the other things you wanted, but at least it was free!

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Oh, that’s a daring move! Good to know, thks, Blake. I so much want to get rid of Windows whose updates hold my PC as hostage, making me feel very insecure of the next time they will go wrong: I migrated from W98 to W10, reinstalled this latter 2-3 times, getting used to it as I’m lucky not to have that many softwares to reinstall, managed to click on the right buttons to prevent at least 2 reinstalls, whenever W1 pretended it could not start, get used to “guess” when a black screen at 30 % or 80 % freeze means hard reboot and Wupdate will resume as normal till 100 %, instead of waiting like a stupid girl for an eternity.
Feeling at every session how W10 drains my resources is really a passive harassment, as if my 2003 Asus Desktop Tower PC is not “worthy”.
I’m no longer a client-server admin, so I no longer need to have a server installed.
Just what’s necessary for Product Management & Writing (have not tested yet how best convert all my Open Office manuscripts with their footers, page numbers & layouts).

If you use a mouse in addition to touch/trackpad, what kind of mouse is it? USB rechargeable wireless?