Got my Mac Mini M1, I'll never use a PC again for Glide

Back in July I bought a micro desktop PC to replace my laptop PC for work, and it had good specs. But, the last few weeks my Glide experience has been super painful with a big app - very long lags, and constant browser crashes. I couldn’t take it anymore and splurged on a 2020 Mac Mini with the M1 chip (not Max or Pro) - it’s crazy fast in comparison to my PC (with the same 8 GB of RAM). Worth every dollar!

My only other Apple products were a 2007 iPod, and a 2011 iPhone :laughing:


I do most of my work on the entry-level M1 iMac with just 8GB of ram and it’s super impressive! I used a Mac Pro with 64GB of ram back in the day and this thing blows it out of the water—best computer I’ve ever owned. I even bought a travel case so I can take it with me!


Windows just hasn’t kept up with the trend towards web applications. You have to be concerned with the number of tabs, number of extensions, and background programs… I’ve been using ice packs for my PC’s since 2017.

What CPU and Windows version are you using with 8 GB?

Not all depends on RAM :wink:

I’ve been using a Chromebook (Samsung Pro) since 2017. I’m switching back to the MacBook Air M2 when it comes out in 2022.

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Proud owner of MacBook Pro 14” M1 Pro 32Gb and it’s a complete beast. Literally zero delay for any function. Last MacBook Pro served me for 8 years faultlessly and now my youngest son has it. Still working perfectly, but I couldn’t resist the upgrade.


Been a Macbook user since about 2008. Love 'em, wouldn’t use anything else. I think I’m on my 5th or 6th one - lost count.

Prior to that I was a Linux geek. Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Gentoo… tried a bunch of them. Last time I touched Windows was around the turn of the century. Windows 98, I think. Or maybe XP :joy:


Well I was a “serious” Windows geek. Cut my teeth writing device drivers in assembler then C back in the day. Created a competitor to the good old Norton Utilities. I was truly wed to Windows. Then in 2003 I forgot my laptop one day and had to borrow a colleague’s Mac. I have never looked back!

You seem to wear yours out quite quickly! Must be the keyboard that goes!


Thats where you get the hardware for mac mini and use windows on it!
Personal experience!
Windows works beautifully on Mac hardware!

Seems almost sacrilege! :rofl:


Mac owner here going on 20+ yrs (30+ yrs if you count the Apple 2C)

I can’t recall one blue screen of death or the like. Need I say more?!


The mini PC has an Intel J4205, not the latest and greatest, but I thought it was good enough for my needs. It is… except for Glide haha.

I have always been a Windows guy because I started my career in the AutoCAD world, and then continued with various CAD and project management programs for 15 years working for Windows-based enterprises. Now, I’ve been self-employed for a long time and moving towards more web design and development, so the Mac world makes more sense.

I do find the Apple icons and UI features to be mostly ugly. They remind me of my 2011 iPhone, and really seem dated.

In 2017 I tried switching to all Google-based products, but it was too hard to work with customers that were still primarily MS Office based. So the Chromebook I had I was only using for watching YouTube etc, but my Samsung tablet was better, so I got rid of the Chromebook.

Now I’ll be converting the Asus Windows machine that I got in 2017 to replace the Chromebook into a Chromebook :laughing: So I’ll have a Chromebook, Windows, and Mac… :computer:

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The M1 is a nice processor for daily work, not very good with gaming. A PC with 16gb of ram ($20 for 8gb stick to add) would of easily resolved your issue. But I can see how not knowing this would make someone want to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a solution. :neutral_face:

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Well Mr. Dreary @Drearystate , I haven’t played a computer game in 20 years, so that’s not a concern for me. I’m trying to make a portable workstation, but I hate working from a laptop, so I tried a micro PC. This micro PC couldn’t accept more RAM, so I was stuck. I didn’t have a problem until recently when my Glide app got very big. The hundreds I spent just allowed me to do in a day what was taking me 3 days before, so the return on investment is very quick.