Processing Power

Why glide take so much processing power ?

Like , my user always complaint that the processor usually hang .
Example, the open using pc google chrome.
When go to task manager the highest processer will be at glideapps page. How to overcome this ?

Yes, unfortunately it does take up a lot of ram. I recommend having at least 8 gb of ram if you are building in glide preferably 16gb. And even with 16gb on large apps with 15k+ rows it can be a little slow. Just add some more ram or try to run a browser that has less backround processes. Edge browser has come a long way and may be a solution for you.

But for the user ? Necessary to have 8gb ?

They need a fast internet connection. Glide servers do a great job of providing the information but if the phone/device is underpowered you will see an issue.

A great solution to this is create/build a dedicated app.

The connection is great here . We are using Wifi here with great connection. Plus user use laptop instead of phone.

Are you seeing this on multiple PCs or just one? Are you using the latest Chrome release? I ask because we have a lot of Glide deployments, often with poor internet connectivity, and we certainly don’t see performance issues even with very complex apps. In my experience it is generally (but not always) an environmental issue.

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If it’s possible, share you APP link to verify its behavior/performance using my PCs.

There are several factors able to cause your issue.


But for outsider we just open a few tabs .
Internal high usage of processor.

This one when close the apps. It become 100% when in the middle of using it. I believe this not related to internet connection. Plus, we have great connection here.

For now, three person talking the same things.

I’m not sure, as below :thinking: I think, yes, latest.

I use Mac exclusively but have tried your app (as much as I can) on Chrome and Safari. I don’t see anything more than small CPU usage and it performs well. How confusing.

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Hola de nuevo,

I don’t see anything wrong either (as much as I can and your APP allows).

This was my graph on my old laptop using W7 (i3 & 8 GB RAM) and run without problems. The peaks you see were caused by your equipments’ manual when I tried to open/read them, something normal I think.

If you can narrow or find when or what action causes your issue we will test better your APP.


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