Bye Bye Glide

Dear GLide Team,

I launched an app only because of you guys. It was a dream come true.

I also had about 5000+ users. But, the app has become too slow. Users were dropping out day by day.

And ultimately only 5-10 use it on a day to day basis.

I have moved to alternate platforms with faster data display from sheets. Customers want speed.

Honestly it was very difficult to convince ppl about slowness. They simply don’t take it.

Glide is a wonderful platform. But, I don’t think it is ready for consumer apps. Maybe as the CEO pointed out, it is good for business related apps.

Thanks a lot for the community for helping me out over the last 10 months.

Hope to come back here again. Till then goodbye and I wish good luck for the glide team.

A GLide Fan


I have mentioned the subject of slowness several times but it has not been given the attention that the subject deserves. It’s a sad topic that you just have to change technology.

Hopefully Glide fixes this soon.

Good luck in everything

Hello! Thank you for giving Glide a shot.

Yes, it’s true that we are focused on apps used by businesses and what those apps need (e.g. connect to Excel) versus what high-volume public consumer apps need right now.

Which platform has faster data display from sheets? Our fundamental limit there is the three-minute refresh delay imposted by Google’s API. If another platform is working around this, I would like to figure out how!

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I think you always relate the “slow” problem to how fast the data is sent whether it’s Glide ==> Google Sheets or vice versa.

But I think what @Golaki mentions and what I myself have mentioned several times in other publications is that Glide apps have big performance problems

(PLEASE do not confuse with problems or slow connectivity between Glide ==> Google Sheets or vice versa.)

The problem goes beyond that possibly some users have a bad internet connection or are far from their servers.

This is a totally and absolutely performance issue. To give an example, it is like when a computer runs out of RAM and starts to slow down and have a fluidity problem.

Again, I invite you to compare the score of any app made in Glide at

and compare it with any other website.

@Jorge_Hernandez I understand that, but I am addressing the comments of the person who opened this thread. Maybe @Golaki didn’t mean what he said about loading from Sheets, but he can tell us that.

Hi guys, me too i’m leaving Glide, too many bugs, Keyboard disappear, white screen, decimal number in Glide Pages doesn’t works in add form. I’m very sorry for this community and for Glide Team, you are a great community but I have to manage my company and I need a service more stable. Hope see you soon. Bye guys

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Probably, these companies have no problems with performance or with the speed of displaying the user interface. The rest of us just have to believe, hope and wait until everything starts working stably. Or do we just not know the secret?
I sincerely hope that my modest attempts to master Glide will lead to the creation of applications that will delight users. But so far, indeed, there are constant disappointments in the instability of the platform.
This is very strange, because UBER is happy with everything. I hope someday I will know the secret.

Nevertheless, thanks to the Glide team for their, still wonderful product!


I cant help but be curious if this has something to do with those large companies being on enterprise plans. Does the enterprise plan offer a faster server? Does it offer a private server to those companies? Is it because they are using sub domains?
I would like to know what allows some to have better performance than others. What is the difference?

Well, all of these customers are in the US. Our servers are in the US, so this is where we see the best performance. They also create apps with maximum hundreds of private users, not public apps with thousands, which Glide is not yet optimized for.


@david as always it’s a pleasure having you answer all the questions. Are you considering having a server in Europe in order to improve the load speed?



Cheers, @Arturo_VM! I am thankful to be here with you.

Yes, we’re interested in expanding our infrastructure internationally. We’ve extended our networking infrastructure to help somewhat, but we still need to move our databases closer to your users.


Are you sure that all the problem is remote from the user and the server?

I’m sure that’s not all of the speed problems. We have not even tried to optimize Glide for speed yet.


I thought so. I am so impressed with the product that is Glide and my question was that. (If they had tried to optimize Glide and it was an unsolvable problem or if they had not done so yet)

Once again, thankful for being the one to answer these questions.

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I hope they can optimize Glide soon so that there are no such problems. In the meantime, I will continue to do my best to optimize my apps and not make this performance problem bigger.

I started at Glide since February and I will not leave since in the field of Nocode, there is no competition for what you do at Glide.


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Certainly, the larger your dataset and the more logic driving your app the slower it will run. As David mentioned, I would think this only becomes a problem with very large datasets. Glideapps can’t be for every use but is certainly great for smaller groups of users than 5000+; that’s a HUGE amount of users and the internal resources needed would likely be more of the bottleneck than server access.

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“Bottleneck”. This is how I would describe this problem.

Perhaps the solution is for Glide to create a plan that we can pay for people who need to consume more resources to have adequate performance in our apps.