My problem and glide no answer

Im not sure now if your system works.
disappointed in the service and the response given by the system

I have 2160 hours working on this app for my business

here the summary
I created an app from a vast database that I use to serve my clients.

The app is formed as an image of what I have formulated and automated in google sheet.

so far so good, but the response speed while reading the information in google sheet is not professional and the system does not feel reliable.
Glide offers that to avoid that you work with the integrated system within the platform, so I bet on the company and dedicate myself to understanding and formulating my entire system based on glide, which was a great learning experience and its tool became a game for everyone. It has a solution, managing to eliminate thousands of automated formulations in sheets that now work wonderfully in my glide app.

I then proceed to leave the sheet file only for data and I configure my app in this sense, going from more than 50 sheets in google to only 6 with data where I have a well-organized file with more than 50,000 raws that will multiply in the short term.
Seeing this, I tried to contact the service to see how I would do it and that I needed an upgrade since I would spend the 25k, to which only a fellow member of the community replied that he could handle the data in glide.

Connect the data to my system, I began to have problems viewing it, the data disappeared and I was left with 0 rows, it did not update and it did not let me do anything,

I wrote a post about it, no one knew how to give an answer, I sent a video with a link to support (waiting for a response) I have been paralyzed for more than a week in this process.

Not getting more options, I decided to end the bet I have been making with the company and pass all my data glide, I am passing the information with a trick that Santiago supplied me with a simple add rows through a list and it was perfect I added everything and managed to eliminate the 90 % of the sheet files, enthusiastic about this since the excuse that the problem is connecting with the google sheet and I would not use it anymore leaving my application free and functional under a single platform. After going through this and leaving only the 50k rows of the source file or data pum to go through, the application does not show the data from the google sheet or the glide sheet. end. Can anyone imagine my frustration?

sorry about my English

With 50000 rows of data I think you’ll always likely to run into problems, since the “bottleneck” is at 25000.