Chromebooks are great for Glide

Call this a public service announcement :slight_smile: but in case you didn’t know, chromebooks are a great option for Glide development since the chrome browser on them is the same as a Windows machine.

I’ve been using chromebooks for quite a while and actually haven’t started up my Windows computer for about 3 months now. Chromebook just seem to handle almost everything better than Windows anyway. :slight_smile:

Putting this here in case anyone wasn’t sure.


@L.M this will make you happy. How is working with Glide coming along on your new Chromebook?

I also build on Glide using my Chromebook, it works well :slight_smile: (I have nothing to compare it to)


Good to know I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

I just got an Acer Spin 713 and with it’s large 3:2 screen it’s super nice for doing Glide dev.

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Hi Darren & Yes I led a previous thread here: Can I Glide (User + Dev) well with a ChromeBook?

I have the Acer 317 Pentium Silver. The 17"
@nathanaelb Yes, still happy with my CB, but here are some caveats:

  1. cannot “install” Zoom Meeting, the app is the same as on Android and very crappy (no sharing, bad image). Zoom became a no go. Luckily, Meet has improved it’s quality and we look less like zombies (but still not as pro as in Zoom for desktops)

  2. I’m using an 11 ports Baseus Hub with VGA (second screen for visio), HDMI, RJ45, Audio Jack, USB, SD, TF : great, but that vampires the battery duration. Better to work as much as possible with the excellent WiFi and unplug the hub.

  3. I installed Linux, in prévision to install later Open Office, Audacity and other applications.

  4. I love working with separate workspaces and tabs groups

  5. Glide will have to wait until I come back: Priorities.

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I have been using a Chromebook since more than 5 years … great for Glide Dev :wink:

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