Button + Text Blocks Not Showing in Published Version

Hi to all,

for some reason, I can’t have the info below displayed in the published version (with buttons, image with link to LinkedIn, and text boxes including disclaimer).

View is to anyone, browser cache cleaned and shields in Brave browser are off. Privacy settings are as shown below. There are no visibility limitations on any of the channels/pages.

Does someone have this same issue? If so, how can I have everything displayed properly?


What is shown:


(sorry for the many posts, but new users have alimitation of 1 image per post)

the data for these elements is empty. That’s why it is not displaying… in your editor, you probably had some values there when you were testing

Hi Uzo, the fields have data, I just didn’t include them in the printscreen. They have exactly the same info as in the first image.

are links good?

They are all functioning correctly. And it’s not only the links in the buttons missing, it’s also the text boxes

try to refresh editor, if you still can see them

After refreshing:

Changing to Admin:

yep, there are no values on the first run, when you are sign in user, Glide will remember your USC columns

Changing back to Anyone:

you need to add default values when App is open for a first time

I see all of these columns are user-specific… that’s why there are empty for a non-sign-in user. Glide has a glitch in the editor showing USC columns values entered from the last input. In the live app, there will be an empty field. It is confusing, but until they fix it… be aware of that.

If you plan to show the same link to all users, then those columns will need to be basic columns, not user-specific columns.

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