Button Blocks not Showing after Published using Glide Apps

Hello Everyone,
I am new to using No-Code app design. I am creating an app that will serve as a maintenance tracker for the work I do on my guitars. I have used 4-5 button blocks (9 buttons total) that represent the different guitars I have - which then links to a Glide sheet for tracking the maintenance. The problem I am having is that everything looks great and “functions” when using the Glide Apps design site - but after I publish it, only two of the buttons show up. I should have a total of 9 buttons - just like on the design site, but when I view the published work - only two show. The two that do show function as I intend them to. I do not have any visibility constraints for any of the buttons. Any ideas of what I can check? Thank you!

Solved - I found that the buttons data was not linked to the proper Glide sheet. Not sure why it wouldn’t show any resemblance of a button - but it’s fixed. Thanks and happy building!

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