Button Disappearing

Hi! I’m new to Glide. When I published my app and test it on my phone, a certain button won’t show up? At first I thought it was connected to the wrong sheet, but it was already connected to the right one. I also tried to use navigation bar instead of the button, but it still wouldn’t appear on my phone. I did try duplicating and reinstalling the app, but nothing works. Please help!


What action is attached to the Button?
Are there any conditions on that action?
Are there any visibility conditions on the Button component?

A screen shot that shows how your button is configured would be useful.

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And nope, I do not have any action or visibility conditions on the button.

How about the Book tab, is that visible on your phone?

If the tab itself has visibility conditions (or any other conditions) that would cause it to not be accessible to the signed in user, then the button wouldn’t appear.


When this happens to me, I usually check two things:

  1. Visibility conditions as Darren suggested.
  2. If the action associated with the button, usually a custom action, is even possible. I’ve noticed that when I create a custom action, as soon as it’s a little too complex, there are cases when the action isn’t even possible, it cannot run, and in those cases the button won’t display (rather than displaying and doing nothing upon a click).

Most of the time, my issue lies in case 2. So the solution lies in reviewing your action.

A good way to confirm the issue is due to an impossible action is to replace your custom action with a Interaction>Show Notification action. If the button displays, then you know that your problem is probably the custom action.

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Thank you so much!!

Thank youuu!!

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