Action Buttons not visible


I am adding action buttons to the collection. However, when I add custom actions to the button, button suddenly disappear. I am sure, I am missing something. Can someone help? @Robert_Petitto @Darren_Murphy


In above image, first action is “show Edit screen”. Second action is basically a custom action but you can see that its not visible (not even as dropdown)

What is the action for the 2nd button? Chances are that you’ve got a condition that is not being met, so the button is not visible. If you’d like it to always be visible, just add an “else” branch to your action condition that accounts for times when the condition is not met. There could be a failure notification action under that branch to alert users to complete a certain field before submitting.


Sorry, I got the answer. In custom action, there was conditions and I had not mentioned “Else” condition to it. Sorry to trouble.

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Thank you for quick response. Yes, I got that idea.

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