How to disable button

how to disable button when certain condition is false like i want disable my button when my value is negative in GSbackend and enable when it is positive

Use a custom action with a condition.
If condition is met → do action
If condition is not met → do nothing, or maybe show a notification

An alternative is to use a visibility setting to hide the button when a condition is true/not true.


Hi Darren,
Could you please explain this with an example and steps. Here is my scenario, clients wants to disable the button once it’s clicked.

Is the Member Eligible?
Yes No (Button Bar)

If the user clicks on Yes, the button bar is disabled.

Looking forward to your help.


Then you should construct a custom action on the “Yes” side.

On the condition level, it should be “If member eligible” is not Yes then add all actions you need below that.

Once you click Yes, that side of the button bar will be disabled since it does not fulfill the condition.


You usually associated actions with a ‘left action’ and not changing the display characteristics of the button - it is a very obscure side-effect for an “action” button.

Thank you very much for explaining - this was nowhere found in the docs for the Custom Form demo.

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