Is it possible to disable a button after a set of steps in a Glide action completes?


I did go through the old posts on disabling a button. I’d like to know is there a different way as of today to disable a button after clicking it (behind the scenes a Glide action is invoked which has multiple steps to perform). Hiding the button is what I do now, infact I hide the entire section as I wouldn’t want the user to click the button again.

I personally feel that hiding and showing a component is a bit confusing to the end user as they may see the component in few cases and may not in few other.

Any suggestions?

You can add conditions directly on the button’s logic or in the visibility settings of the button or component.
If the visibility logic covers all necessary variables, it should not confuse end-users


What you could do is add an else brach to the action that does nothing (perhaps just show a notification or open an empty link), and then include something in the main branch that will cause any subsequent clicks to fall through to the else. The button won’t appear to be disabled in this case, but at least if the user clicks it, nothing will happen.


I use this a lot in my apps. There are multiple ways.

If the button is clickable put an accent on it. (inside the action add an else branch to make sure the action is performed multiple times)

Put the exact same button in the same place but without an accent and with no action or a notification action. You could also use css if your on a paid plan to make it look not clickable.

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Would you mind explaining what an accent is, in this context? And yes, the css option seems to be a good option to try. Thank you!

maybe something like this


or you could use an action row… instead of a button… action rows if cannot click will be faded automatically by glide.


Great options @abdo , let me try these and see which one suits my situation the best. Thanks a lot!

This works for disabling buttons as well, using CSS.


Wow, thanks for sharing this @ThinhDinh . I read the post, let me also watch Robert’s video and give this option a try.

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on a css level i use these 2 to disable a button

cursor: default;
pointer-events: none;

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It’s pretty neat. I use it for all my new projects.

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