Disable Buttons Dynamically

Hi All,

Haven’t seen this one on the community thread.
So I thought I’ll put this as a fearture request.

I’m building a game-app.
I’d like to be able to disable a button from being clicked based on a column value.
(e.g. if Membership = “Pro” then button is enabled)

Helps if you want to build something for a paywall feature.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Just an FYI that you can accomplish that now for all button actions except “Link to a Screen” and “Form”. All you have to do is make whatever is in the cell that the button is linked to blank. You would do this via a formula in the cell. The button won’t show.


Hi George,

Ah - yes, thank you! That works!
But still would be nice to have it as a built in feature.

Hey @Spellytics. Yes, in future we are working towards user roles in Glide - which among many other things, would allow you to do this. :slight_smile:

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