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hey ! @George_B i came across your answer here and i can’t figure out what did you mean by ‘‘is linked to blank’’ can you please explain since i tried to leave the cell empty but the button just disappeared.

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You can just have a conditional visibility settings to do that now, and you can do it dynamically. Can we know more about your use case?

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thanks for your response i’m building a kind of online library for my school and it shows PDFs file, I want to disable the button if the item selected is not available or not available for download since i have two buttons one for preview and the other for download so i want to disable the button based on status Available / not Available

Then set the button’s conditional visibility to Status is Available, if I understand you right.

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@ThinhDinh Thanks i Though there was another solution mentioned above other than conditional visibility such as grey out the button or something like that, and i don’t remember but i’ve seen it somewhere else i can’t remember but i’ve already seen a grey button in one of the apps and if my memory serves me right it was the button bar one is normal and the other is grey but the same layout. but since it not possible conditional visibility is fine for me thanks for making things clear for me.

Greying out the button natively only works for button bars as far as I aware (if you specifiy conditions on branches and nothing matches).

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Thanks for your Help!

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