Conditional Button (button only shows up under certain conditions)

Is it possible for a button to show up only under certain conditions.

I have a mileage tracking app, and some days I forget to ‘complete’ the day.

I have an alert to tell if if there are any ‘unfinished’ days, so I will click the "finish mileage’ button.

I would like the button to disappear if I have 0 unfinished days.

here is what it looks like when there is ONE “unfinished” report waiting

here is what it looks like whne NONE unfinished are waiting

How do I get that button to disappear when there are ZERO unfinished.

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What happens when you click the button “finish mileage”? Does it bring up a form? Link you to another part of the program? In other words what is the action?

I’m controlling buttons by using images as buttons and in the spreadsheet itself I set many IFs to controlq which button/image appear and when
Hope this helps

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Easiest option is to use the detail view along with the filter component. Create a filter that only shows the view if mileage is less than or greater than than a certain mileage

I know you asked to hide the button, but you can just hide the entire entry if no mileage needs to be entered, this will also hide the button.

Layout = detail view
Filter = by mileage col =0
I would add an inline reference to list all the completed days this way if the detailed view is empty the inline list will still show something productive.

Hope this helps


It is possible use image link. Make image like a button then set use if function on sheet. If “unfinished” then “”

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Appears current builder functionality addresses this request, topic archived.

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