Feature was one showing up but is now not appearing on the screen

This “Schedule Appointments” button used to appear below “Message to Provider”.
This button is appearing on the left but is not showing on the home screen of the app.

Why do you have two “Home is not empty” condition on your button? Can you click on those conditions and screenshot them for us to see where they are linked to?

Side note: I see that you are using a Mac. You can get good quality screen shots of specific areas of your screen using Cmd-Shift-4.


Are those 2 different columns, or the same?

The same column

So, the question being asked is, why do have the same visibility condition set twice? It’s probably not the problem, but it definitely looks odd and doesn’t make sense why you would do that.

Also, what’s the value in the Home column? Is it empty, or does it have a value?

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There is no value in the home column

So your (double) visibility condition is working as expected.

Have you tried removing it?

I removed the visibility conditions and it’s still not showing up

Does the button have an action configured?

If it does, check it carefully. If the action is broken, the button will not appear.

Does the Calendly Link column have a value?

I don’t see a value for the Calendly link

If you don’t have a value for that column, then it’s expected that the button doesn’t show up, because it has no link to open.

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It has a link to open. It opens the calendly link and lets the client schedule an appointment.

The link is in the menu in the google sheet.

I mean do you actually have a value in the Calendly link column for the row you are showing? If you don’t have one, then the button won’t show.

How can I check to see if there is a value?