Button Block behaving differently in Glide Pages

In Glide Apps if I create an Action for one of the buttons, and in the action I start with a test (ex. is date lesser than today, the button will be greyed out if the condition is false.

In Glide Pages the button is just hidden when the condition is false.

Any suggestions as to why, or is there an easy work-around to just grey it out ?

Also the Background option for Button Blocks, described in the Glide documentation, doesn’t appear in my Editor view…

I’m pretty sure greyed out buttons are available in titles. I think what you described is a default behaviour in button blocks.


And yeah, the background option isn’t there…

Well yes in Titles, but I’m trying to add a Button Block (Validate / Cancel) at the bottom of a Custom Form. So when the fields are not completed correctly I’d like to grey out the Validate button.

I was doing that by testing if Ok in a Custom Action, but then the Validate button is just hidden if Not OK…

This however works perfectly fine in Glide Apps, where I have for ex. a Check-in / Check-Out button, and i can grey out either button, without hiding it…

Yeah, as I said, what you described is the default behaviour for button blocks.

I’m confused, are you agreeing with me ? :sweat_smile:

I’m saying that button blocks on Glide Apps don’t behave the same way than button blocks on Glide Pages.

That is not consistent to me…

Yeah, I agree with your reports, but I don’t have the power to change that behaviour. :sweat_smile:

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In Glide apps, you can create a conditional action for each button in the button bar. If the condition is not met, the button gets greyed out…however, if both button’s conditions are not met, the button bar vanishes altogether:
CleanShot 2022-02-23 at 22.00.04

Yeah, I think the point that @Killko is making is that the button bar/block doesn’t behave in the same way in Pages, which is inconsistent with Apps.


Yes I use that in Apps, but it doesn’t behave that way in Pages…