Can I conditionally disable / gray-out a button?

It’s easy to hide a button but I want it to show as clearly disabled until a user fills out, say, certain fields, then the button can be clicked. I want the user to know there is a disabled button all along, not just reveal it to them once it is enabled.

This is such a common feature that I’m hoping Glide has a way to do it, but I just haven’t found it yet.

You can have two different buttons:

  • 1 greyed-out button that shows only when certain fields are empty, the action would be showing a notification like “Please fill all required fields!”.

  • 1 clickable button that shows only when those fields are all not empty.


Thanks. I figured that could be the solution, but haven’t located a gray button icon/image/component to use for this purpose.

Does anybody know where to find a grayed out button to use in Glide?

Many people will just alternate the built in buttons between a ‘Filled’ and ‘Transparent’ or ‘Bordered’ style.