Title bar action buttons not displaying correctly

I’m not sure when this started happening but it has been like this for several weeks.

I would normally expect the “Edit” and “See All” buttons of the custom collection title bar to display as a dropdown.

I would normally expect the “Add” button to display as a dropdown. The data grid is within a custom collection.

Hi James. Based on your screenshots and the behavior until now, I would also have expected your actions to be displayed inside a dropdown.

However, I have always found that setup a little non-intuitive. The idea of creating or leaving two empty actions first to fit all following actions inside a menu worked (works?), but it feels more like a bug or a clunky work-around. If it broke in your app, perhaps is a sign that an improved feature is on the way?

Ideas to try to get your menu back:

  • Have you tried adding more empty actions?
  • Is this happening on the calendar collection only?
  • Could this be happening because you have a title component with actions as the top component within a custom collection? I’m curious, what happens if you place a separator (hide line, small) as the top component inside the custom collection above the title component?
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