Back Button Workaround

Does anyone have a workaround for the missing floating button they would be gracious enough to share? I have one in my old app that performed quite a few custom actions and was perfectly usable, sitting out of the way in the bottom right hand corner, but it appears to be a glaring omission in the new Apps (fka Pages). Or - is there a way to add a button that can perform custom actions in the nav bar?

  • Collections have a “Title Bar Action” (If your screen is not custom E.g. a list collection is the only component, this will put the button high up on your screen)

  • The Title component is capable of having buttons and actions

  • NEW ‘action row’ component

None of these options will ‘fix’ the button to a certain point but since a floating button should be right around the corner you might be able to use one of them in the mean time.