Button disappearing on mapping a Custom action

Hello gliders,

As the title suggests, one of my button disappears if I associate it to any custom action created for that table. The thing is, it was working all this while and I don’t see it from yesterday.

I did refer a couple of old posts where few others faced a similar issue, and verified whether I have those settings, like Row Owners, Empty table. In my case, those are all fine.

What else can be the problem? What surprises me is, the button was very much available and it had multiple steps as part of it (in particular a trigger webhook to zapier step).

I also noticed this to be new in my trigger webhook step, the update symbol with 4


This usually means that one (or many) of the actions in your sequence is not running.

Ideas to troubleshoot:

  • Isolate and remove actions from the sequence one by one to identify which one is the culprit.
  • Most probably, actions such as trigger webhook or send email are the issue. Place these at the end of the sequence to see if the actions before run correctly.
  • The Set Column Value action in your screenshot looks a little unusual. Possible reasons: the custom action, a tab, a table or a column were duplicated and set column value needs to be bound again. Reconfigure the Set Column Value action.

Thanks @nathanaelb , your ideas to troubleshoot helped me. The problem was with the initial condition that I was checking in the Glide action. Once I removed the condition, the button started to appear. Let me spend sometime to see what’s wrong with the condition.

Thanks again for the direction :grinning:

Update: Okay, looks like data is not present in the context, but I see a row in the actual table. When I open the data in the bottom of the layout of the screen, it’s empty. Which is why any condition fails. Still need to figure out why context is not filled.

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Check to see if your screen has any filters tied to it. If your filter is filtering out the row then the screen isn’t actually tied to any data.

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Okay…Here is what I notice.

I notice that the associated zap works once and does not the second time, the below shown step. Response code shows as success though.


I’m trying to reset 2 flags to false, they are of boolean type in my Glide table. The zap shows that it executed successfully, I still see the particular column as checked in my Glide table. The Row ID is correct. I’m a bit lost.

That is odd. I just tried a similar test, and it works as expected.
Are you sure you have the correct table name?

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My bad. Since I was working on multiple tables and screens, I missed to add a condition in one of the detail screen. Due to which it was always picking up the first record. Finally got hold of that :grinning:. Thanks for taking the time to check @Darren_Murphy

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