Action issue

Screenshot 2024-05-29 alle 15.33.49
Screenshot 2024-05-29 alle 15.33.43
Screenshot 2024-05-29 alle 15.33.37

Hello everyone, I have an issue with custom actions on a button. I share the data and the actions the button should trigger. Unfortunatly, just the first action is triggered correctly. Can anybody undestand why? Thanks a lot

Are you expecting all three actions to run? That’s not a custom action. That should be three separate buttons that run each action separately, so I’m not sure why you only see one button instead of all three.

Custom actions are set up differently.

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actually i need one button to trigger 3 actions, is it possible?

Yes, that’s what is called a custom action


You create custom actions via the Action Editor, which you can see at the top of the screen, or by creating one directly from the button.