Set of Action(S)


I was searching for a way to activate a set of actions based on only one ,click" at once.
So far I wasn’t able to find any solution. :frowning:

Any tips & tricks somebody could share?

Thank you in advance!!!

Are you aware that you can create custom complex actions within the Action Editor?

Or are you wanting one custom action to trigger a second custom action? (that can’t be done).


Thanks for a quick reply. Yes I was looking for a custom action to trigger multiple actions.
Noticed in the custom action you can add mainly only ifs (else). Would be nice if the future something like AND can be added.

Managed in the end to find a way around in the end. :slight_smile:


As far as I understand, you can add mulitple actions under each condition. Like this?

So basically, you can make multiple actions on single button click.