Big Tables and computing values

Hi Folks!

I need to aggregate sales records returned in a big table query by MMM y to display in a chart as the X axis.

All my fields that computed this before aren’t available through big table charting as an X axis though :frowning: . How are people solving things like this to chart data in big queries and not have every date be in the x axis?


I wonder if you use Quickchart or Chart.js with Big Table computed data, would it work?

If the records are being created in Glide you could use a set column action on creation that writes the results of a Format Date column to a text column. Of course, that doesn’t help with any records that are imported as it requires an action (button press) per row.

You could also use a Zapier or Make action to format the date and write it back to that text column. But to do this as a batch you would need to use the Advanced Glide API and set it to run at intervals.

BTW, Glide Workflows is in the works and you may be able to use as a solution for this…but we won’t know for sure until we see what features are coming initially. :slight_smile: