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It is possible to make a monthly report with Glide Big Table?
Something like
[Financial data - #4 by nathanaelb]

It’s possible, but can be a bit tricky. For example, the relation that @nathanaelb describes will not work with a Big Table, because relations that target computed columns are not supported.

So you need to adopt other methods. It depends exactly what you need. Charts work quite well with Big Tables, so if all you need is a chart I’d say just give it a go and then ask for help if/when you get stuck.

If you need something else, give us a clear description of what it is and we’ll do our best to help.

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I have a database where drivers enter their car journeys.
I want to make a report per month, more precisely how many registrations are made each month for all drivers. Then when you click on each month, the date and the races for each individual car will appear.

So in your current Big Table, you’re storing the journeys with a date that the user can enter, in a basic column?

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Yes, it is a date & time column.

@Darren_Murphy is the fix for computed columns Mark mentioned the other day live for Big Tables?

That one was just an enhancement to allow rollups of math columns in GBT.
I believe that Mark is actively working on removing GBT limitations, so we can probably expect to see these enhancements start to drop on a regular basis.


For your case, I think as the date is static, you can:

  • Add a math column to calculate the month numeric value (called “Month numeric”) of the journey record: YEAR(D)*10^2+MONTH(D) with D being the record’s date.

  • Add a basic number column named “Month basic”.

  • Use an on-submit action to set the value of “Month numeric” to “Month basic”.

  • Create a table of months, with a “Month numeric” column having the same formula as stated above.

  • Create a relation from this table to your journeys table, using the “Month Numeric” column in “Months” to relate to “Month basic” in journeys.

  • Create a rollup column to count the number of registrations and show a collection based on the relation in the details view of each month.

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Thank you!! It worked! :partying_face:

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