Summarize math column

Hey all,

I want to summarize working ours. And normaly I would use the rollup function.
But it does not work for math columns. Any ideas?


Can you show me the column that you want to rollup?

hier schicke ich dir die spalte

Okay, so have you tried rolling up that column?
It should work.

Personally, I would use a Math column to calculate elapsed minutes between two date/time values:


…but either way it should work.


it does not work! Do you know why

ah, I see. You are trying to rollup a computed column in a Big Table.
That is not supported.
What you will need to do is calculate the difference in minutes when the row is created/updated, and then enter that as a non-computed column value. Then you will be able to do the rollup.

A list of all current limitations of Big Tables is given below:

ps. yes, I know the doc doesn’t currently list this specific limitation, but it will be updated soon

pps. Doc has been updated :wink: