Additional Rollup options for Date/Time Math Columns

I just noticed that date/time math columns don’t have rollup options for Average, sum, minimum, maximum etc.
While Math columns are also numbers and hence should have the same rollup options which numbers have. Can this be applied?


You are rollup over a time related math isn’t it? Probably the data is seen as datetime and not number.

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I tried to manipulate it but I believe these rollup options aren’t available for date/time based math columns.
I should change the feature request.

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Does it work if you create a template of the date math column and then rollup the template column?

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Dear all,

I have the same/similar problem. I am unable to sum date math column.

Let’s say I have a training sheet where I can do run, bike, football or basket

In each row I have the activity, a start date column, a finish date column and a math which makes finish-start date. And this is ok.

I have a column which relates all the date_differences according to the activity (basket, run,footbal,bike), and it’s ok.

I am unable to sum the value of the date differences related to the activities. I would like to sum how many hours I spent for bike, how many for football, how many for bike and how many for running.

Seems to me impossible to sum the value I get in the relation column… but rollup is not giving me the “sum” choice, only “count” and “count unique”

Tried with template column, without success…I cannot rollup it

Any suggestion? @Jeff_Hager @Manan_Mehta @ThinhDinh


Totally agree with this, +10000000

This is perfectly doable.
The trick is to first convert the date differences to durations in seconds using a math column (end - start) * 86400.
You can then rollup the durations to get a sum, and then convert that back to hh:mm:ss.

@Manan_Mehta @fabio


Aahhaa, let’s try. I’ll get back if it doesn’t. Nevertheless, it should be simpler…

I know it works, because I’ve used that method :stuck_out_tongue:

(In fact, I used that method in Mark’s Agent app to get the rollups of his Agent session durations)

Totally does!! Thank you Darren

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I have a problem with date maths :frowning:
I have 2 columns

First: Project Start Date (With Seconds)
End: Project Finish Date (With Seconds)

When I make math column for that 2 columns ( End-First)

I have results like that:


After that i will use for sum calculation for per project managers. But it makes me crayz :frowning:
Someone can help me please?

I need calculation for total seconds

I found :slight_smile:

Use this in a Math column:

Trunc((End - Start) * 86400)

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