Today's column in glide table

Hi gliders,

How would you create a “Today” in glide table. I want to build an app that is solely built in glide table and can’t find a way to create a column that will show today’s date across all rows.

Any ideas? :man_facepalming:t2:

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Create a math column and set it to Now.


Indeed! One of the best features of the year! Been asking for months.


Guess I’ve missed it.

Just write now?

No, select it. It’s a new math column feature.

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Worked perfectly. Thank both.

Now I have something wiered, I’m doing roll-up over relation to sum days, hours and min.

The hours and min are result of the days which is math between 2 dates.

The roll-up don’t allow me to sum the days but works perfect for the hours and min which as I said both are result of the days calc. (i.e days divided by 24to get hours and hours decided by 60 to get min)

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Would a template over the days calc allow you to do a rollup?

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Didn’t do it for some reason but not critical for the app itself, just weird

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