Is it possible to Rollup a Duration Column?

I have sheets that have a relation Stats and Trips. Each trip has a Start DateTime and End DateTime that then calculates the Duration. On each table i have a column that converts the Date Time to just month and year. The Stats table has a relation using the Month Year columns. I am using a rollup for a few of the other columns to calculate for example distance for each month. All is working fine.

The only issue I have is calculating the duration per month from the duration column on the trips table. The output values are not correct. I am guessing I need to convert the duration for each trip on the trips table and then roll that up and convert it back to duration on the stats table.

Can any one can point me in the right direction possibly with a formula to convert duration to decimal or some other solution?

Thank in advance.

Not to worry i figured it out.

I was able to convert the duration back to decimal by dividing it by 3600 to get it to decimal and then creating a DurationHours column and dividing by 24 to get it back to hours. Then perform the rollup and write the total to the Duration column with a column type of Duration.


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