Rollup / sum of duration

I have a work order app, with Airtable as the base.
For each work order, in Airtable, there is a column Duration (Ukupno vrijeme)

In Glide that piece of data is ok (Ukupno vrijeme naloga)

But… in Reports (Izvjestaji), in Total duration Rollup (Ukupno vrijeme ciscenja) I get unusual number (0.1667)
What would be the simplest and cleanest way to convert that “0.1667” to “4:00” (as hh:mm)?
Duration of that work order (the last row in Airtable / the last row in Glide table) is 4:00 - 4 hours 00 minutes.
Thank you very much

The rollup is giving you a total in days.
To get that back to a duration in hh:mm:ss, you could first use a Math column to convert it to seconds (R/1*86400), and then use that in a Format Duration column.


It worked :slight_smile:
Thank you very very much

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