Charts with Dates in Glide

I believe this is an ‘unworkaround’ scenario, but thought I’d post in case I’m missing something/ and someone has found a way around this.


  • Bar Charts in App with Date based values (i.e. LABEL/ X-axis is date)
  • Charts has quantity on Y-Axis


  • Dates don’t line up on x-axis (e.g. missed dates aren’t shown/ they aren’t displayed as dates/ more just a ‘category’)
  • Each bar is a different color because it treats each date as a different category ( unless it’s the same day)


  • create a true time based chart

Hola @qb15

Have you tried using

You can also embed charts from Google sheets…

We embed Google Data Studio charts to bypass the issue. From what I’ve seen better than google sheets. But it’s not ideal.

In GDS, you can define the user/ parameters for the chart - in googlesheets I’m not sure you can.

Awesome - this looks like the hack I was looking for. Thanks!