Better Data Editor context when switching to it from Layout

When I accidentally swipe left/right to the end of the Data Editor column view it sometimes sends me to the last Layout I was viewing. Can this be turned off?

When I am in a different table than the ‘root’ table of the Layout I am viewing I have to go back to the Data Editor and find the table I was working on.

Or…can Glide be set to go to the last table I was viewing?

FWIW - I think a more useful Data Editor default table is the one I have selected in the current layout screen. Whatever table I have selected in the screen (from an inline list, component, etc) is what the Data Editor displays when I go to it. If I have no components selected than the ‘root’ table.

Better yet - let me see the Data Editor separate from the layout so I can see BOTH at the same time.