Find Uses in Glide Data Editor not loading the correct tab

Find uses in the data editor is no longer showing the correct tab in layout which is sometimes misleading.
Search results shows correct search results actions etc and the left section shows the correct components but the layout section does not show the correct Tab & screen of the search result.

It gets even more misleading because Glide creates unused or unreferenced screens such as a detail screen for a tab based on an old source table which has been changed. (this even counts to the row count if you don’t be careful and delete the components)

Hi @rayo

Do you have a loom of this? I just checked and I am unable to reproduce.

Sadly i cannot record on my latop.
If you browse to a tab. Then go to the data editor, to a completely different table select a column and find uses then click on a component… does the layout change the highlighted tab icon in the bottom navigation to that tab??

actually to be fair… i just tried on another simple app with less tabs… & it worked :thinking:
went back to the big app & it didn’t

If you feel that this may be a bug, please submit a ticket but make sure to have a video to show how to reproduce it.

could be my misunderstanding. will check it further

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