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Has anybody found a way to generate 1d barcodes dynamically inside Glide? Is there a service like quickcharts or a google script which can generate barcodes for the new codes entered inside the app.

Edit: Found a url that works for this:

<replace data here>

@Jeff_Hager thats exactly the fix I’m using at the moment. I agree with @kyleheney 100% that the scanner would me much more powerful, and usable, if we could create actions based on a successful scan (aka a single relationship found “not empty”).

The fix I’m using now is a visibility condition based on the relationship column to the barcode value.

I then show a button that a user clicks to perform the action to update the column tied to the relation.

But thinking out loud…we could probably use some CSS magic to display a pop up to fake the look and feel of an action being performed after a relationship is found, and bake in actions into two buttons that perform the actions we want to take after a successful scan (one button to perform the action, the other to “cancel” or “go back”.

I’ll try it out and let you know


@Lisa let us know when you succeed. Interesting to know how you get it to work :sunglasses:

@sebastiansolari Looking forward to Glide support QR Code and unlimit qty of scans per month for PRO plan. We are studies using barcode scanner function for goods delivery, talking about 200pcs order per day, which this is easy to reach the monthly limit.
May I know Glide have any road map for above 2 suggestions?

Did you come right with this? Im struggling with it too…

Hi @Krivo , is there a different quota for barcode scans for the Basic plan?


I would reach out for @sebastiansolari to get the correct answer

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Did you solve it? I had the same “issue” but was just because I had no entries in my column…after filling one item in Glide sheet the Button appeared…(but don´t understand the logic yet… :thinking:)

Hi,…I have a newbie question: Barcode scanner works fine but value of latest scanned barcode always appears twice as first and last item in the corresponding column…(cannot send screenshot cause I have exceeded quota of 10 with testing and couldn´t resume after having deleted entries :confounded:)

@ray duplicate your app and you got 10 extra shots😎

:sunglasses: of course…I could have come across that myself…:roll_eyes: thanks a lot Krivo … :+1: :grinning:…by the way: do you have a clue how I avoid “latest entry double” issue?

Unclear why double entry occurs. You are not using a form in relation with the scanner?

No…I use a simple action (see screenshot) …result is always double entry of latest scan at beginning and ending of the inline list…Next scan results in new double entry (at beginning and ending of the inline list) and penultimate entry will reduce to single entry and so on…?!

@Ray I think you are putting the scanned result into the table - possibly the first row - and then afterwards put the result to the end of the table by use of add row.

I think you should put the scanned result in another table - and then add a new row to your existing table. Afterwards you clear the row in the other table

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I spent my 4 hours to solve it :slight_smile:
First) You need to put a data example to sheet
Second) You should make the scan data cell as personal usage.

Than you can make relation with other tabs and collect datas.

I used barcode creater Https API’s and It provided me to create barcode for every row id in my glide.

You can use it on every project. It is perfect.

Has anybody been able to make a reliable app using the barcode scanner?
Are there any specific kind of barcodes that are read well by the scanner?

We built the whole app for a client but the barcode scanner fails to work in a production app and it doesn’t allow the client to move beyond the first step itself.


Manan, for use cases that are heavily reliant on barcode scanning we do not recommend Glide’s standard scanner. We’ve partnered with Dynamsoft and can easily integrate their scanner into an existing Glide app. You are able to purchase plans directly through them on their website, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK online store. Their scanner is much faster and has way more features, including QR code scanning. Before you purchase a plan please PM me so I can ensure you are on the appropriate plan.

Adding the Dynamsoft scanner into an app requires engineering effort. Due to this we only offer this solution to Business and Enterprise plans.


How can I create barcodes??

There’s lots of ways to create barcodes. There are barcode and qr code column types in glide. You can use something like quickchart. There’s barcode fonts. There’s several different third party solutions to create a barcode.

The question is, what kind of information are you using to create the barcodes? Is it from data in your tables? Is it from another source?
Where are you putting the barcodes? Are you displaying them in your app? Are you printing them to place on physical objects? How are you using the barcodes?

Hi Jeff!
I do have a question regarding this new type of columns (barcode & QR).

I’ve created a Barcode Column with Unique identifier per person (guest) as a Ticket or Entrance to an Event.

Now I’m looking forward to have an event accreditation (check-in) using “Scan Code” to scan those codes and set to “true” the boolean column of “checked guest”.

The idea is to have a whole solution to upload guests lists and confirm attendees with codes.

Thanks in advance.