🆕 🦓 Barcode Scanner | New Feature

We’re making it easier than ever to track items at work—Glide apps can now scan barcodes, using your device’s camera. Learn more at Scan Linear Barcode - Glide Library


Can’t wait to have more and more barcodes supported !

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@sebastiansolari A challenge is the maximum of 1000 scans/month. Don’t really understand why the limit is that low - but maybe you have chosen a expensive sub supplier for barcode scanning


Totally agree. Don’t understand this low limit. In case our apps need this feature, i.e pro App such as Inventory, we would need much more than 1000 ! Si i miss some point ?

If someone needs more than 1,000 scans/month, please contact us and tell us more about your app. We are happy to help.


Is there a limit to the number of times I can use the free plan?

10 scans/month. So this is just for testing out the functionality. Otherwise you will need a pro plan

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Never used this myself, but it keeps popping up in my circles, so if this is of any use to anyone, I hope it helps!

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Hi @sebastiansolari,

I’m new to Glide and am trying to make a library scanner app for my own book collection.

My app aims to scan ISBN barcode from book covers, use ISBN to pull book information via Google Books API in sheets, and save scanned books.

When trying to build the app, I’ve used up my 10 barcode scan quota during testing, and would like to know barcode scan quota for the paid Basic App (1000 scan in Pro App is too much for me at this learning/testing stage).