Barcode scanner


Created a new (very simple) barcode scanner which also scans QR code.

It makes use of service from barcodeapi from
This service scan an image or photo of a barcode and return the result. Supported barcode types include AZTEC, CODABAR, CODE_39, CODE_93, CODE_128, DATA_MATRIX, EAN_8, EAN_13, ITF, MAXICODE, PDF_417, QR_CODE, RSS_14, RSS_EXPANDED, UPC_A, UPC_E, All_1D, UPC_EAN_EXTENSION, MSI, PLESSEY, IMB

The app makes use of two scripts (one for pulling json data from the barcode decoder and one for adding new lines in the sheet when somebody enters a new barcode)

The uploaded image by use of the image picker is sent to Cloudinary as Glide doesn’t allow to reduce file size and that is needed for the barcode decoder service.


  • create your own cloudinary account (the app is using my account) if you want to experiment with numerous barcodes.
  • create your own free cloudmersive account (800 call/month) if you want to do your own experiment with the service
  • don’t upload personal or sensitive data to the app
  • uploaded barcodes images will be deleted with regular intervals as they cannot be fetched into a folder in Cloudinary - so my account will get messy :crazy_face:

Please make sure that images can be fetched (see below)

If you want to do your own experiments I made a copyable app here:

Your must make the fillFormula script run onChange

Thanks to:
@Darren_Murphy for helping out getting the google script do Post operation :clap: :clap:
@ThinhDinh for helping with script to copy line with importjson :+1: :+1:

The app can be thought of a further development of the QR demo scanner:


Hi Kristian :wave:t2: I tried your app, and I have no idea what I’m doing :joy:

So I uploaded a bar code (found on the back of a book). Now what?

@nathanaelb Well, nice EAN_13 code your book got. Would you like the app to order a new book for you :crazy_face:

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I obviously don’t understand what the service is meant to do, sorry :see_no_evil:

So I scan my bar code and I notice the app returns the bar code number. Also, in my example, what does EAN_13 stand for?

I’m trying to visualize use cases.

@nathanaelb I thought this was clear - but obviously it wasn’t :expressionless:

The app can scan a number of different types of barcodes amongst other QR code, UPC, EAN_13 etc.
It will return the information found in the barcode.

In your case it is simple to read the code - but you can now import the data into your google sheet - and use it for what ever. For QR code you can - as you know - embed an url which is great for redirecting to a website.

If the scanning process was quicker then you could use it for counting your shop inventory

I wonder if that makes sense?


I understand! I had never really given any thought to what bar codes were. Now I know the image represents a string of digits.

So indeed, as the name of your app suggests, your app scans bar codes or QR codes, and in the case of the bar code returns the bar code number.

Very clear from the beginning. I’ll remember this, thanks!


@nathanaelb If you use a service like!/lookup/post_trial_lookup
then you can get information about the item that you have scanned:

  "code": "OK",
  "total": 1,
  "offset": 0,
  "items": [
      "ean": "9788866320326",
      "title": "L'amica Geniale - Paperback / Softback Ferrante, Elena 29/10/2011",
      "description": "",
      "isbn": "9788866320326",
      "publisher": "E/O",
      "category": "Media > Books",
      "images": [
      "offers": [
          "merchant": "Alibris",
          "domain": "",
          "title": "L'Amica Geniale",
          "currency": "",
          "list_price": "",
          "price": 35.51,
          "shipping": "",
          "condition": "New",
          "availability": "",
          "link": "",
          "updated_t": 1413416097
          "merchant": "",
          "domain": "",
          "title": "L'amica geniale",
          "currency": "GBP",
          "list_price": "",
          "price": 18.86,
          "shipping": "",
          "condition": "New",
          "availability": "",
          "link": "",
          "updated_t": 1571464729

That’s brilliant!

Very neat: from smart simple picture to bar code number to product information.

Oh cool maybe that’s what I need for my app.

I want to scan a product in real life and then it links to the product in the google sheet. Something like that:

Would it be possible?

This is very cool use case @Krivo!

@F_rank I cannot see it is directly possible as you would like to go to details just after you scanned the barcode.

I have made an example that looks a bit what you want.

When we got compound ation where some actions are not fired until a form have been completed then I expect that you do something very similar to what you want.

Try to scan the following barcode - and see the result


Muito legal, mas infelizmente ate o momento o glide não dispõe de nenhum componente com função QR code

Awesome :sunglasses: you always deliver something special. Last time it was QR codes and bow barcodes. :+1::+1::+1:

Simply awesome!!!

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Hi it is very well app thanks. I just try to read QR. How can I read a QR code with scanning?

@Bahadir_Kaya I’m not sure what you are asking. If you click on scan barcode then you can upload an image and it will tell you what the QR code includes

What I just found in Staging :wink:



@raghav_khandelwal Hi, where did you find this?

Currently in Staging. Might take some time to have this in production.

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