Scan barcode and QR code directly in Glide into a field in a form

Hi guys,

I’m pretty sure this can’t be done today and thus I put it feature request, but, if any of you Gliders did this or know of a way to do it this will absolutely amazing




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@yinon_raviv Glide doesn’t have any way yet of reading bar codes and doing things with that information.

You could 1) link to an online bar code reader 2) show the user how to use their phones camera and access the QR data

But i’d need to hear more about what you’re trying to do.

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Hi @JackVaughan, thank you for answering.

  1. Do you know of a good online barcode scanner that automatically copy the code so the user can paste it in the app?
  2. Not such a good option as this will get users out of the app and divert the process which I believe will make user not to use the app eventually.

The use case in this specific app is a shopping list and the need is to allow products’ scanning to auto add them to the list.

I have also other needs for an inventory app I’m building for a customer which want to scan items in the warehouse before boxing and shipping as the app calculate the inventory in real time and decrease it’s level.

One more question if I may, do you know if there is a way to create a link for app in the phone. Meaning, the user will click the link and he app will open (in a way like when we want to share he app and than the phone show options for WhatsApp, sms, mail etc.)



Hey Yinon - have you seen this video - we answer a few points in here:

There are many things that using the phones camera would unlock for Glide. We can’t do it quite yet - as I explain in the video.

For your final question I’m not entirely sure what you mean. If you mean share a link to the current app that is open - yes - you can just add the ‘Share’ action to a button or image.

If you mean you want a link like or to open Spotify or Slack - then this is also not possible yet. I talk about this in the video above.

Hi @JackVaughan. Thanks for the elaborate answer. Will watch the video now.
As for my last question, what I meant was as follows:
Let’s say I did find a suitable scanning app that when opening it all it does is scan and copy the barcode’s result so I can than paste it back in my glide app.
So the question is, is there a way to create a link to this app (which install on the user’s phone) that I can embed in my glide app so the user can open it directly without the need to go vua the Google play or app store (which the app link allow to open the app directly from there).

I don’t have Spotify or slack in my phone so the links you shared open a browser sign in page. Is that what they supposed to do? If so, this is not what I meant. I meant open a ln app that installed on my phone from a link. Hope I’ve explained myself better now :smiley:



Hi everyone, I’m also looking into this feature for the company I’m building. I’m not quite ready yet for coding my own app, but I would like a way to experiment with the tracking idea I have in my mind.

If you come up with any work around let me know…

I found this post from earlier this year in the old community forum:

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Hi, the feature of scanning bar code will be also useful for one of the app I’m building. The app is used for inventory (stock in warehouse) management.
Currently I need to input manually item reference (up to 12 characters), having the possibility to scan a bar code as an entry for the search field will be very usefull. I have a lot of references that are quite the same (1 or 2 digits difference), so even typing in the search field, I often need to input a lot of character to find the right item.


Hi All,
Scanning a QR code through the Glide app would be amazing for us.
We deliver coupon cards to customers and we need the customer to scan the card as he collects it to pair it with his account.
The ideal for me would be to have the camera app open from within glide to have it then scan a QR code and paste the data into a pre-determined cell in the sheet.
I’ll manage from there…
I think this will allow for many use cases, from stock management to pairing clients with physical objects to smart marketing with QR codes in the wild etc. etc.
I don’t know how feasible it would be but I think it would definitely bring great value to many people here.
It’s at least the third time such a feature has been asked, once by me a few months back… I don’t know if it’s simply unfeasible or very low in priority since I never heard any feedback from glide people about it…
Please help! :slight_smile:


Offline apps are also super super important, tourists rarely have good internet and it kills us! don’t give up! :heart:


It is a feature some people have asked for before. (thread 1, thread 2)
I would use it to track class attendance

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also having an option to scan barcodes in the search bar would be a great addition. It is similar to many E-commerce apps which have an option to scan barcodes in the search tab in order to find the item they are looking for from a list.

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Hi Jack,
I already saw the video, but … wondering if the QR integration is possible in Android (I understand that you guys need “Apple help” to support it in iOS)



@yinon_raviv sorry for the late reply! This slipped by me.

It’s a good idea.

So I tried using within a Glide app and I was able to upload or take an image from within the in-app browser.

If you chose a service like WebQR that then generated a link from a QR and then gave that user the option to copy the link after scanning - then you would be pretty close I think.

Is that what you meant?

The links I shared are supposed to be clicked on a phone and yes - they will open those apps only if you have them installed on your phone. We would like to be able to have this for Glide apps in future.

See my post above.

QR integration is not possible in Android unfortunately.

Hi @JackVaughan
Specifically this scan only QR codes while I need a scanner which scan regular 1D barcode’s.
In general this is exactly what I meant, the ability to scan barcode and copy the number/link that it represent and to auto copy it to a predetermined cell/field in my glide form


Yes for sure - i was giving the example in principle. If you can find a 1D barcode scanner that worked the same way then please share it here! :+1:t4:

This one for example. I didn’t manage to make it copy the results by itself though.
So needed 5o copy myself and paste in a field which is not user friendly

QRCode scan in addition to keyboard input could be top!!

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Really need this one!
Using the image picker and selecting camera will only allow a picture vs. a QRCode scan.this makes sense, ofc, because the filed is set for image … but it would be realllllly helpful to have a qrcode component which opens the cam in QRCode scan mode.

If it’s helpful, here’s a link to an HTML5 in-browser QRcode scanner:

I’d also be open to contributing financially, if I can afford it, for this as well as a input type range slider component.